saying you’re “offering value” is valueless

dreamstime_m_48634086I’ve been observing inside salespeople making calls (more than usual) over the past month and have spotted a disturbing trend.

Both on voicemail messages, as well as in people’s opening statements people TELLING prospects they offer value.

It might sound like “I’d like to talk with you about how you would benefit from working with us.” OR “we bring value to our customer relationships.”

What a lazy crock. Those statements are only a short step away from telling people “trust me.”

You have to share what the benefit or value is.

Be specific about it as well:
> We have the distinction of being able to…
> A lot of people take advantage of…
> One plus of working together is…
> Superior quality keeps our customers coming back. (WITH EXAMPLE)
> Ou delivery times are significantly shorter allowing you to…

Understand that not everyone will be drawn to a particular value statement.

In voicemail only use ONE – they will return your call if that interests them today. Plus, I’m confident you will call them again and leave a different message if it doesn’t.

In your opening statement – have more than one, I always choose three but that certainly isn’t a requirement.

Be specific on what they will get, tell stories about other people who have received that and how it impacted their business-career-project-etc.

Stop being lazy and start being effective!


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