Make it EASY to respond!

One of the things inside salespeople must think more about is making it EASIER for a prospect to decide to respond.

Work is hard enough, don’t make it difficult for them to respond.

Pager Message1Here are some easy tips to follow!

#1 – ask them to take a simple action:
> at the bottom of your email, ask them to “please click reply…”
> in your voicemail “give me a quick call…”
> in a letter “register today…”

#2 – tell them why:
> why is it in their best interest to do as you ask? what will they get immediately (from taking the action NOT buying)?
> use the word “because” – I recently read a blog post by Art Sobczak stating; Dr. Kevin Hogan, author of Irresistible Attraction, says “People comply 66% more often when they hear a phrase with ‘because’ in it.”

#3 – change it up
> if voicemail doesn’t work, send an email
> if you don’t get a response to a letter, try social media
> a meeting request is a great thing to try when someone is really busy

Make it easy for them to respond and see your response rates soar.

photo courtesy of © Liz Van Steenburgh | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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