Habits are powerful – don’t give up!

I don’t know about you but the NUMBER ONE thing I have to overcome to convert prospects into customers is their current habits.

Jill Konrath in SNAP selling talks about ‘status quo’ and how something needs to make it worth the prospects while to change. This is 100% true!

The pain of changing has to be less than the pain associated with staying with the status quo PLUS the good stuff you’ll have once you’ve made the change (weird math view PC ≤ PSQ + GS).

Yet even after the prospect has determined they NEED to change and WANT to change; those darn habits suck them back into not changing.

road-sign-940630What it might be like:
How about construction season, when they are working on the roads between your home and work. Intellectually, you KNOW that there is a different way to travel – perhaps you even took that route yesterday, YET here you are this morning sitting in traffic because you didn’t think and went where the habit took you.

What it might look sound like:
I was on a conference call the other day and one of the people said “I really wish there was someone who…” and someone else said, “Um, Jeff, Lynn does that for us.”

Yes, basically Jeff (the new or newer guy) had a problem that I was solving for other people on the team BUT Jeff hadn’t heard what I had been telling him over the past NINE MONTHS. Seriously, I just checked, and the introduction call when he joined the team was nine months ago!

Perhaps Jeff’s habit is “I’ll deal with it” or even “I have to fix this myself.”

The things that are required to change your prospects current habits are:
1. brainpower to think about you
2. time to do something about it
3. money to spend

Of course on top of that you have to be tenacious and not give up.

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