Do you have an attitude of abundance?

Merriam-Webster defines abundance as ‘an ample quantity’ or ‘relative degree of plentifulness’ what a great way to approach sales leadership! Start with the crazy idea that there are enough great salespeople for all of us to find our ideal workforce and make money.

Taking an abundance attitude means that every time you meet with someone, your brain believes that there are great inside salespeople out there and is evaluating if THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. That may sound elitist, bear with me… not all inside salespeople are created equal!

Out there are some who:
• Are great hunters, finding net new business
• Work effectively to set appointments for outside salespeople
• Have mastery at expanding your footprint in existing accounts

They need to value what you bring to their life – career – business and are willing to work hard for you. I’d challenge you to think of this both in terms of the results people produce AND what they receive from you as an individual from working with you.

On the other hand – there are also salespeople who don’t fit into the role you need them to. When you need good inside salespeople chasing people who don’t possess the skills you need, a few things could happen.

1st you waste time chasing them. Even worse…. they join your team! Then you spend a lot of energy trying to make them into the inside salesperson you looking for, doing things that are outside your normal scope of activity, all to try and get them to live up to an expectation they’re not interested in meeting anyway.

I’m not sure who introduced me to the idea of Abundance vs. Scarcity because if I could remember I would give them credit here. This was probably one of the most important concepts that I learned – it helped me truly embrace walking away from people who are a bad fit, the ones who cost me more in time/energy/effort than the sales result I got in exchange BUT based on their interview wanted to work for me.

Embrace Abundance and believe there are people out there who not only want to work for you, they also will excel and help your organization grow.

Now take a look at your current team, who is a bad fit?

Find a way to disengage and gracefully break up with them… if you need help listen to Paul Simon “…the answer is easy if you take it logically…” (50 Ways to Leave Your Lover).

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