Earn Your Independence

To earn your independence, you first have to define Sales Independence for yourself – here are a few ideas I collected from other people over the years:

crossfit-534615“the freedom to pursue the type of clients you want to work with and walk away from those that are not a good fit.” ~ Kurt Newman

“when a sales manager provides his or her team with the training, tools and authority to find, earn and make sales without micro-managing, blaming or shaming.” Sandy Hubbard

“they leave me to sell and manage my book of business with loose reigns.” Ingrid Main

Once you figure out what sales independence is for you, now you need to prove you can do it!

To whom?
1st – to yourself
2nd – to your boss
3rd – to your organization

How? by doing what you set out to do in your definition.

Want more? Join me tomorrow on Sales Coaching over Coffee (Thursday, July 7th at 1 & 7pm New York Time – that is the player on the right) I’ll be talking more about this.

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