What is your leadership voice? (inspired by @austinkleon)

BecomingMeBack on December 10, 2015 Austin Kleon posted this image along with a blog called How to find your voice which I was reminded of during a conversation with an experienced inside sales manager right before she started at a new company.

She made an observation in our coaching conversation that “I need to know what my leadership voice will sound like BEFORE I get there.”

The slate was clean, she (to quote Austin Kleon) had been 195 different leaders in the past – this was her chance to walk in the door and BE the leader she wanted to be.

Step 1: define what she believes her leadership will look like.

Step 2: remind herself of what she DIDN’T want to bring with her.

Step 3: define the activities that will demonstrate who she is as a leader.

Step 4: replace things she had done in the past (that DON’T represent who she is going to be) with activities that will.

psssst, you don’t have to change jobs to become a new leader, although you may have to take smaller steps to get to be the person you want to become.

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  1. Lynn:

    I love your blog post this morning. It spoke to me. Thank you for sharing the “lynnsight”.


    • Lynn Hidy says:

      Thank you for your kind words Tracy! Austin Kleon is a true inspiration – even if he doesn’t realize it!

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