Instant gratification is NOT a time frame

dreamstime_m_38030664ME: when does your prospect need the information?

SALESPERSON: Right away, I want to be responsive.

ME: That’s great, what does “right away” mean to them?

SALESPERSON: As soon as possible.

ME: You didn’t ask when they need it, did you?

SALESPERSON: *sheepishly* no.

Have you ever overhead a conversation like that? How about been part of one?

I know that as inside salespeople responsiveness is drilled into our heads as important.

Crazy thing is that the person who decides if you’re being responsive isn’t YOU or anyone in your organization!

It is the prospect or customer.

Which means your salesperson desire for instant gratification and being responsive IS NOT a valid time frame.

Try these questions instead:
> I’m excited to work together, to make sure I don’t disappoint you – when do you need (insert what they need here) back?

note: this is a great time to set realistic expectations…

> We’ll do our best to get you what you need by _____________ (use THEIR time don’t offer one up) what will happen then?

> Is there anything else you’ll need to (insert their answer)?

Let me know how it goes!

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