Insight turns knowledge into POWER (inspired by @bweaversmith)

WhaleWatch-Breakers-221sMonday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner is your team hunting for global whales? was inspired by Barbara Weaver Smith, WHALE HUNTING WITH GLOBAL ACCOUNTS

It is a book written for sales leaders, yet there are nuggets that speak directly to salespeople too.

Although I’ve never been on a whale hunt – I have gone out on a whale watch.

The thing that is shocking to me is the captain’s ability to find whales out in the ocean for passengers to see.

I asked once; how do you FIND the whales?

The captain responded with a smile; that IS the trick isn’t it.

Step 1: gather information
> There is LOTS of information out there on your prospects and customers. Make sure you’re looking for details on their; business goals, mission, philosophy, process, people.

Step 2: turn it into knowledge
> now that you have information, you MUST uncover the relationship between those data points. A few examples could be; how do their goals impact process? what role do people play in creating their philosophy? where does what you sell fit into achieving their mission?

Step 3: create insight
> once you have customer knowledge, it’s time to create insights that your prospects and customers haven’t considered. Yup – you need to bring innovative ideas to their table.

Insight is what turns knowledge into power.

Insight is a captain finding the whales we were exhilarated to see.

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