The Forecasting Elephant

dreamstimefree_188296Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Too many salespeople think of forecasting as something they HAVE to do, or SHOULD do – when in fact it is something you NEED to do for yourself! It will drive your income if you use it as a sales tool.

Our overall business opportunities (that are below forecast) and forecast dictates the sales activity we need to act on every day – week – month – quarter – year.

Make an appointment with yourself each week to:

Take a look at what you know – what you don’t know – and then make a decision on what you’ll be doing.

An inside sales course of action is very different if you:
> have 3x your goal in opportunities, but not much has been committed to you
> are forecasted over goal
> don’t have enough business in your pipeline to fuel sales

Need a resource? Check out The Field Guide to Sales, by Debbie Mrazek. Chapter 1 on forecasting!

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