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Andy Raskin posted The Question that Improves Every Pitch on LinkedIn

One of my coaching clients sent me the link via email with the subject line: read this and the note said “let me know what you think. Have a great day.”

dreamstimefree_44343As with any article, post, etc. there are parts that I may not agree with. Some of it was confusing or difficult to follow.

BUT the main piece, when viewed specifically with an eye toward prospecting hit home.

I like the idea of PROBLEM story then “so we thought, what if we built/tried X….”

Two things are great about that methodology:
1. I am always looking for better/different ways to verbally make everything about the prospect. This one is great.
2. it wraps up the problem story you just shared.

When you are stacking the stones of a prospecting conversation, being assertive about products and/or services you offer can be seen as pushy. Then your conversation falls apart.


This is the beginning of your relationship, how could you possibly know enough to “pitch” (Andy Raskin’s word not mine) anything?

Instead; PROBLEM story, followed by your version of “so we thought, what if we built/tried X….” allows the prospect to listen to it as a story and if applicable, put them selves into it… and *poof* you top off your conversation with an idea that just might help them as well.

Try it in conversations, plus I’ve been finding it extremely effective in emails too!

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