Spring Cleaning the #InsideSales Person Edition

dreamstime_xs_15923065Monday’s post was Spring Cleaning the #InsideSales Leadership Edition now let’s think about what salespeople can do for themselves (not that the leadership list doesn’t apply…. so check it out).

> account base
I’m typically not a big fan of printing things out but I think this exercise is easier with highlighters (green, yellow, pink, and blue if you’ve got ’em) than anything else.

get a list of the accounts you are responsible for, sort alphabetically (get crazy and do it Z to A so you aren’t skimming) and evaluate off the top of your head!
* green = you believe make money
* yellow = you SUSPECT could be valuable
* pink = not sure why you have them
* blue = actively pursuing

of course, the next step is to check out your top of the head assumptions.
* green = check the actual production and then judge vs. how much time they take to see if you’re making money
* yellow = what facts make you SUSPECT they could be valuable AND figure out what do you need to do to confirm it
* pink = either add them to the blue list OR get rid of them
* blue = do the same check as you did for the yellow accounts

> territory
many times salespeople miss the forrest (territory) for the trees (their account base).

set a 45-minute meeting with yourself to look at the territory you’re in; geographically, industry, vertical market, or however it is defined.

check it out like it’s new and you’ve never worked inside the territory before – you’ll be amazed at what you find.

> career goals
do you have career goals? when is the last time you looked at where you’ve been – how far you’ve come – where you want to go?

Make sure you are still interested in reaching the goals you set.

Celebrate your progress.

Make a plan for your next significant step.

Take one action you can do right now.

> your attitude
I’m ending this the exact same way as the Leadership Edition: Spring cleaning is as much about cleaning up attitudes as it is about cleaning up stuff.

one day this week, come in early – and sweep away all your disappointments and frustrations (yes I know easier said than done).

start fresh! Happy Spring.

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