Spring Cleaning the #InsideSales Leadership Edition

Saturday I had three job I wanted to get done: rake a small section between our driveway and the woods, clean our pellet stove, and wash the windows.

Sunday’s task was to fill in some of the potholes on our dirt road.

dreamstime_xs_48475384There are spring cleaning jobs that popped into your mind while reading my list I’m sure.

The important question is what Spring Cleaning needs to be done in your Inside Sales organization?

Here are a few I’d suggest although I’m not going to number them (one isn’t more important than the others):

> what is on your desk?

look around for a moment, are there reports from last August still sitting there? perhaps an article you wanted to read so printed it out to not loose it?

schedule 45 minutes this week AND again next week with yourself to declutter your desk…

> what is on your computer?

if you’re interested in getting CRAZY with this idea – schedule 45 minutes a week, for FOUR weeks after you clean your desk and clean up your computer.

make sure HR has copies of any official documentation – the delete people who don’t work there anymore (LOOK I just found a file from 2005 when I was looking for something, I know you’ve got files on people who don’t work at your company any longer).

think what else can be deleted.

> ONE management task

remembering that management is about tasks & things – choose one management task that, like dusting for me at home, you will do ANYTHING else first to have a rational explanation allowing you to not do the task.

now do it!

I’m sure you’ll feel better when you no longer can see the dust because it’s so thick… wait that is me. Notice dusting wasn’t on my list of spring cleaning activities – hold on while I add it to my list for next weekend.

stop rolling your eyes and go do it.

> ONE leadership activity

remembering that leadership is about people – choose the leadership activity that will give you the biggest bang for your buck to jump start your team’s motivation, like two sunny weekend days inspiring me to get out our kayaks.

I know I’m not going paddling but it FELT good to get ready.

> your attitude

Spring cleaning is as much about cleaning up attitudes as it is about cleaning up stuff.

one day this week, come in early – and sweep away all your disappointments and frustrations (yes I know easier said than done).

start fresh! Happy Spring.

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