Are you smiling?

dreamstime_m_44408213I was sitting with a salesperson y-ed in using a training cable and noticed she wasn’t smiling AT ALL.

Now having someone observe what you do for 2 hours can be stressful, so I asked.

“You’re not smiling while talking with your customers – is that because I’m here?”

Her reply… “they can’t see me, why should I bother?”

Immediately the 3 other salespeople in her cube S-P-U-N around and stared at her.

As I thought about what to say, one of her coworkers replied – “they sure can hear a smile.”

I added that they can feel it as well.

Even though, for inside salespeople, your prospects and customers can’t see you I advocate that you need to not only smile, also use all the other body language you would if your sales calls are made in person.

Body language changes your tone, your breath, your inflection.

Yet another benefit of having on a headset – your hands are truly free to help you express yourself.

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  1. I always take a moment to take a breath and relax before answering the phone so that the first thing the caller hears is not stress, fatigue, impatience, or frustration (not that any of these are frequent!) Those emotions are instantly recognizable and it’s hard to step back from a negative tone once it’s out there.
    I am especially aware of the need to smile at the end of the conversation – to sound energetic and ready to act on the discussed matter – to leave the caller with a positive feeling – give the caller the impression you were happy to have the conversation!

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