Are you willing to try something new?

Friday night I went to Montreal QC with my husband (not new, crazy, or unusual – certainly nothing to write a blog post about).

We ate good food, drank some beer that we hadn’t ever had before (still a normal visit to the city for me).

Yet, the whole reason for the trip is something I never thought I’d be saying.

iron-maidenWe went to an Iron Maiden show at the Bell Centre.

Now my husband is a metal fan from way back and one of his buddies was all set to go with him to the show – while I stayed home. Paul had to cancel and jokingly Russ asked: “want to go?” ASSUMING I’d say no way!

Instead, I said – sure.

I’ve been trying something all through the 1st quarter of 2016 – what if I say yes, instead of no, to things I’ve never tried before?

How would my horizons expand?

What would change in my life, my world, my business?

Some of my experiences haven’t been all that comfortable – others were LOADS of fun – a few were downright unpleasant.

I will tell you all of them were valuable, learning experiences that helped me learn about myself. They’ve all made me a better person. They’ve all helped me to grow.

Which is why today I’m asking you; are YOU willing to try something new?

FYI: The Iron Maiden show was fun (granted although I’m not a fan of metal – I do like loud), a few times I was too hot or my feet hurt from standing. The dedication of the fans amazed me and that people around us were singing most of the songs along with the band showed they have a true following. Plus they met one of my personal live show criteria – the BAND looked like they were having fun.

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