Optimize is the O in Sales EFFORT

Optimization is about your time, energy, and effort.

I believe the only two things we control in sales, and perhaps in life, are how we spend our time AND our attitude.

That is why I see the optimization of revenue generation as so critical – it impacts both!

FacesYou know that time is a finite resource, we each have 168 hours every week. We choose how to spend those hours.

Yes I realize that includes sleeping, time with family and friends, other business obligations you have, time to DO what it is you DO.

BELIEVE it is a choice, believe you can decide to take some amount of time every – single – day, to increase revenue.

This means we need to JUDGE how effectively we are using sales time.

Nothing too scientific – think in terms of a frown, neutral, or happy face when you answer these two questions for yourself.
> How would you judge how much time you spend on revenue increasing sales activity?
> What face do you put next to how you FEEL about the time you spend selling?

Which of course brings us to energy optimization or perhaps I should say BACK to it, as we talked about do you have enthusiasm – for sales itself? to start off this series.

Never forget that enthusiasm about sales conversations will increase the number of great conversations you have. Making it even easier to be enthusiastic when you make MORE sales calls. That is what will optimize your energy.

Effort is the lifting part of the optimization equation.

Notice I didn’t’ say it was the HEAVY lifting.

A few years ago Alice Heiman said to me that she needed to start asking herself “do I have to do this the hard way?

Today I want you to ask yourself if you’re making sales effort more difficult than it needs to be. So put a FACE on it,
> Are you doing it the HARD way.
> Is it “just ok”
> Or have you optimized your sales effort?

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