What would you like to leap over?

Leap year… leap day… leap over!

LeapDayYes; today is the added day, an extra every 4 years, why? Because it actually takes 365.2425 days for the earth to revolve around the sun.

Wait – what’s up with the .2425?

Turns out leap year doesn’t “fix” the issue – which is why we also have a leap cycle (when you have time you can Google it).

Now for the important astronomical question…

WHAT does this have to do with inside sales leadership?

I’m so glad you asked!

1. There are times in a leadership career that you’d like to leap over something (like the day of the week does on leap year) advancing twice instead of just once with a single action.

Today see if you can create the same effect on your team by sharing tips and tricks with multiple salespeople instead of the one who’s situation warrants it in that instant.

Turn a sales scenario into a story, lesson, teachable moment and leap over mediocrity.

2. Corrections don’t have to be perfect OR permanent!

Even though today is an “extra day” it really takes a little more to make it right. How often do you wait instead of taking action because your current solution isn’t perfect?

Leap year is repeated, so stop rolling your eyes when you have corrections that need to be made on the sales floor more than once.

3. Some opportunities don’t come around very often. It is important to recognize those once every four-year chances to catapult your team’s success.

Don’t fall into a routine and miss out on having an extra day. Recognize you have an extra selling day in 2016.

NOW invest it wisely.

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