Increasing Revenue takes EFFORT

This week I’m presenting “Increasing Revenue takes EFFORT” to a group of women entrepreneurs. As I was creating my presentation I realised that thinking about revenue growth differently would work for inside sales organizations as well.

photo © Chronis Chamalidis | Dreamstime

photo © Chronis Chamalidis | Dreamstime

EFFORT stands for:

> Enthusiasm
> Focus
> Forecasting
> Optimization
> Results
> Talk Tracks

Over the next three weeks (or my next 6 blog posts), I’ll be talking about each EFFORT more in depth.

Today I’ll share:

> Enthusiasm – for sales itself
> Focus – on monetary growth
> Forecasting – where your business will come from
> Optimization – of your time, energy, and effort
> Results – MUST be reviewed
> Talk Tracks – need to be tightened up to capture your prospects attention

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