how do you view your quota?

quotaToday’s question is an important one!

Here at UpYourTeleSales, we define QUOTA as “a monetary number your sales manager told you needs to be hit.”

Which is why answering the question: how do you view your quota? is so critical to your career success!

Here are three answers I received to that question recently:
1. It is the minimum I’m comfortable achieving for the month.
2. Quota is just a number that is important to “them” it really has nothing to do with me.
3. Hitting quota keeps everyone off my back.

Upon further conversation…

salesperson #1 – shared that they viewed the quota set by her organization as the baseline of success, not her personal objective. In her case, the goals she had weren’t monetary, but she shared that she understood the organization needed a way to keep a success score for each inside salesperson.

salesperson #2 – didn’t feel the number was realistic. He understood why there was a quota, but not how it was set and hadn’t bought into the particular target he was expected to achieve.

salesperson #3 – wanted to achieve quota so her boss wouldn’t give her a hard time about anything. It seemed that for her organization if you hit quota, no one questioned sales methods or activity level.

No matter what your answer is to “how do you view your quota?” it is important to realize that your attitude toward objectives set by the organization you work for – may be as critical to your inside sales career as reaching the number.

Check your attitude and make sure it will help you achieve inside sales success!

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