Are you rating your day?

I have an app for my phone called Ski Tracks, among many features is one to rate the day.

DayRating As I was rating my latest ski day (I said it was a Great Day if you’re curious), I got to thinking – what if we rated our sales days?

Step 1 – what are you going to rate?
There are many things about a sales day that can be rated.
> overall
> closed deals
> prospecting activity
> etc…

Decide WHAT you’re going to rate for the next week.

Step 2 – how will you measure it?
Instead of only using your gut, I’m going to challenge you to add some metric that your company already measures that will tie to what you are going to rate.

It is the combination of subjective (your gut) and objective (the metric) that you will then pick a scale and determine the difference between Poor -> Good -> Great -> Excellent -> Incredible

Step 3 – for one week, do it and see what happens.

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