There is NEVER a perfect time

Here is something that you know in your brain but not in your heart; there is NEVER a perfect time.

04-Individuals-Slide24> for a hard conversation
> to implement a new strategy
> in changing how you do things

If you continue to hold off on taking action for “the perfect time” or even “a better time” you’ll never move forward.

TODAY examine something you’ve been putting off for the perfect time and ask yourself:
1. what am I afraid will happen if I take action?
2. what is missing to move forward?
3. what is my logical next step?

Then answer:
4. what will happen if I do nothing?

If you run into something you don’t even want to have that internal conversation about, it is probably time to seek assistance from your mentor or a coach.

Pick up the phone and give me a call to see if it is something working through together will help you catapult yourself to success.

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