Does your CRM use warrant scolding?

On Monday in the Inside Sales Leadership Corner, I talked about “Because I Told You To” doesn’t work! the flip side of that is, don’t make your sales management and leadership team scold you!

dreamstime_xs_58514875Here are three things for salespeople to remember about CRM (customer relationship management software) adoption.

#1 even though you think the request is stupid – there is a business reason for it. If your manager doesn’t explain the why behind what they are asking for, pose the question.

Politely! “I understand we are to ________, I’m not sure I understand how that will help us increase sales – would you share that?”

You also might consider having that as a one-on-one conversation vs. asking in an open meeting if you don’t’ think the person presenting has the answer – embarrassing someone publicly isn’t the goal!

#2 would you rather talk about CRM your lack of proper CRM use or work on deal and account strategy?

If you have had more than three conversations with your sales manager about what you’re NOT doing, that is time wasted… by you!

Instead, your boss would much rather be talking about deals, accounts, your career. Yes as much as you are rolling your eyes at them – they are rolling their eyes at you.

This is a time when you have to suck it up buttercup.

#3 if one of your prospects or customers calls in when you’re out, can someone else help them?

Begin to think about the impression you’re making if no one at your company can assist someone who wants to place an order OR have a question answered.

There are organizations where specific salespeople can’t get anyone to cover for them when they are out sick or on vacation. Why? Because their notes are non-existent and the people who have covered for them felt stupid.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps most importantly, going to work is so much more fun when you’re not standing there with your hands over your ears as your manager scolds you.

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