“Because I Told You To” doesn’t work!

dreamstime_xs_58514850I am working with two companies that are working to change salesperson behavior as it relates to their CRM (customer relationship management software).

I’m here to share my top three pieces of advice:

#1 – “Because I Told You To” doesn’t work!
It’s interesting that many sales managers will describe their team as their kids. Now there are lots of reasons for this. Age and experience levels are certainly two.

The issue is it sets the manager up to default to parental behavior when frustrated. Yes CRM adoption IS frustrating!

Telling a sales team “Because I Told You To” doesn’t work!

Instead, see the next two tips:

#2 – You’re asking them to change a habit – don’t think it will be easy.
I’ve written before on You want your salespeople to change?.

CRM adoption requires change management. Change management requires a plan.

When you’re creating your plan, remember:
> the salespeople on your team will have to THINK about doing the new behavior – this requires more effort. Reward them for doing the right things.
> training will be important, if you can break down the changes you would like into single action items that will be easy to learn and put into practice – do it.
> it will feel like they have to S…L…O…W down – this can create the belief that they are selling less because of the CRM.

#3 – Think of them as your customer – what’s in it for them?
Make sure all of your communication includes how CRM adoption will help the salespeople on your team sell more, sell more often, and sell with less effort.

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