Territory Reviews MUST include strategy

dreamstimefree_219618Territory Reviews are an important part of sales leadership.

One piece that I recently observed was missing in one of my clients reviews was looking forward and deciding what strategy would be used for growth.

Yes, “territory review” implies looking back into the past. Yet it is critical not to lose sight of the fact we look back, in order to be more successful in the future.

Look at what was (the past), what is (a snapshot of today), and then create a strategy to use moving forward.

Here are three questions to ask to begin the forward piece of the territory review:

1. What are the demographic traits of the customers you’d like more of?

2. How about the psychographics that you easily convert from prospect to customer?

3. What would you prefer to minimize or eliminate from your territory?

Once you understand what the salesperson wants more/less of, you can begin to create a strategy together for their territory.

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