#Firestarters – How I Begin My Day featuring Lynn Hidy (from 2015-12-29)

I had a wonderful #Firestarters chat with Miles Austin last week on how I begin my day. You can listen to the whole Blab firestarters-how-i-begin-my-day-with-upyourtelesales here are a few of the tidbits:

1. eliminate all the little decisions from your morning by starting the night before
2. a “to do” list is NOT a “priority” list
3. set an intention for how you want people to feel when they interact with you
4. if we all made one really scary call today – we could conquer the world!
5. reward yourself for doing the scary things.

I’d also recommend you check out Mile’s recap https://blab.im/miles-austin-firestarters-series-wrap-up-observations of all the interviews PLUS his personal list.

Then I’d like you to think about what you are doing to being your day and make sure it’s working for you!

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