The UN-done List

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here is a crazy thing I’m doing today.

I’m making a list of all the things that are UN-done from 2015.

Yup, the things that I never got around to…. or never got around to finishing.

Sound depressing?

It’s not and here is why!

step 1 = write it all down.
> getting it off your mind and into a list will release a bit of the anxiety you may not even know you were carrying around.

step 2 = cross off the things that JUST don’t matter anymore.
> come on there are things on that list that you never cared about (stop “shoulding all over yourself”) those can go immediately. Plus others probably had a logical timeframe attached that is past. Others aren’t important because your goals have changed.

step 3 = choose the MOST important thing to finish.
> yes ONLY one.

step 4 = pick a deadline.
> make sure it is a logical date, plus one you will stick to. If at all possible I’d suggest by the end of January – OF THE CURRENT YEAR.

step 5 = choose an accountability partner.
> tell someone what you’re trying to accomplish and by when. Set up a few times to talk where you have to give them status updates!

Once you’ve completed that priority task, start over with step 2.

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