Are you adapting?

“Each project is a new set of constraints and I’m going to find some new solution that I don’t yet know” ~ Janet Echelman

Impatient Optimist by Janet Echelman

Impatient Optimist by Janet Echelman

I was listening to TED Radio Hour and heard Janet Echelman talk about her work.

I’m going to suggest you use her quote this week in your own work as a sales leader.

Instead of being frustrated by the constraints of your team…
> their skills
> level of work ethic
> corporate territory boundaries

Think of them as giving you the opportunity to find some new solution you don’t know yet.

Instead of worrying over not having a solution. Adapt to the current constraints and uncover a way to move around them to your goal.

Instead of becoming frustrated, move away and look at the end goal from a different perspective.

Use what you have available to achieve something new.

Check out more of Janet Echelman‘s work or her TED talk Janet Echelman’s Taking imagination seriously

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