Genius takes EFFORT – 11 inside sales leadership tips

Genius“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” is one of my favorite Thomas A. Edison quotes.

In sales leadership some days that effort feels more onerous than others.

Here are 11 quick ways to be an inside sales leadership genius this week!

1. carve out 15 minutes for each person on your team to share their aspirations for next year.
2. every hour find a little success AND recognize the salesperson for it.
3. keep your promises.
4. offer to call main contact’s bosses for your salespeople to gather more information about their priorities.
5. talk with salespeople MORE about their business opportunities.
6. stop rolling your eyes.
7. when a salesperson comes into your office STOP what you were doing and be present.
8. smile.
9. find an article that will help your team; share it and why you think it is important.
10. get up and move – physical movement will change your mindset.
11. while you’re moving – try some management by wandering up & down the cubical isles.

See you can be a genius, if you’re willing to put in the effort!

note about the image; it came up in a google search and was related to I tried to figure out the artist but wasn’t able to – if you know who created it let me know!

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