Should you walk away?

business woman working

business woman working

Imagine for a moment that you’re mad, disappointed, frustrated, or upset while at work.

STRESS at times can be the name of the inside sales game.

Unfortunately, stress can reduce our emotional equilibrium as well as the filters between our brain and mouth.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the last 3 times you wish you’d kept your mouth shut.

You know a time when you were;
> mad about an error on a customer order
> disappointed you lost a deal
> frustrated at your boss’s inability to “get it”
> upset by a bad call

Then it was made worse because you SAID something without thinking through the implications.

Next time you feel emotionally charged – let the person in front of you know you’re going to give yourself a time-out and get yourself together.

Then walk away.

Make sure you come back later and finish the conversation, closing out whatever the situation was that unsettled your emotions.

Now take that piece of paper, crumple it up, and throw it away. One last thing – forgive yourself.

photo by © Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime

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