When to Walk Away (quickly)

WalkAwayI have a confession to make.

I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut.

Which is why I KNOW from experience that one critical inside sales leadership success skill is to know that sometimes it is best to throw up your arms and walk away (quickly).

Before you:
* say something you mean – but word it in a hurtful manner.
* express an emotion – that you’re feeling but will not help the situation.
* share your frustration – about someone ELSE on your team to the person in your office.
* react to a situation – instead of deciding how you want to respond.

If you’re like me, here are some ways to stop yourself from blurting out EXACTLY what you’re thinking.

#1 – (their name) I’m going to walk away before I say something we will both regret. We will continue this conversation later.

#2 – Instead of reacting (their name), I’m going to walk away. Let’s both think about what we want the solution to look like, then talk about __________.

#3 – Excuse me (their name), I’m going to walk away and to decide what I believe the best course of action will be.

Notice three things; use their name AND tell them you’re walking away PLUS that you will get back with them.

Saftey Tip; you might want to wait until they can’t see you to throw your arms up in the air!

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