Have you taken a listening class?

In Monday’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner I gave a link to the Katalyst Agency’s eBook Are You Listening To Your Business?

dreamstime_s_29882381The funny thing is that buyers complain salespeople don’t listen too!

I’ve been asking inside salespeople since 2005 “Have any of you taken a listening class?” and JUST hit 10 who have this month.

Check out the landing page for the Katalyst Agency’s eBook it says:
If you want to grow your business, listen before you act.

Which got me thinking – as salespeople that is great advice too!

This week try listening BEFORE:
1. telling a prospect about yourself.
2. sending information.
3. putting together a quote or proposal.

It will change so you:
1. present information that will answer the prospect’s questions.
2. ensure you send pertinent and valuable information.
3. assist writing a proposal that will best meet their needs.

If you need tips type “listen” into the search box.

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