28 Sales Leadership Tips to End the Year Strong with @WomenSalesPros

This year in Chicago a great group of sales experts got together to share ideas, tricks of the trade, and more!

One of the things that came out of the conversation are 28 Sales Leadership Tips to End the Year Strong!

Recruit – Retain – Inspire – Motivate – Lead – Negotiate – Assess – Develop

My tip is understand The Why Behind The What

Motivation is a completely personal thing. Every individual on your team is motivated by something

Motivation is the Why behind their What. It drives the salespeople on your team as they choose what to do (as well as, what not to do).

Every individual on your team is motivated to achieve something, even when you don’t understand their
motivation. Sales success motivation isn’t necessarily about money.

Although, many times sales managers and leaders default to money as the motivator they talk about, what that money provides is actually more important to the salespeople on their team.

Regardless if the salesperson views money as; financial security, paying off debt, buying a treasure, or taking a trip – the money isn’t important to that salesperson. What they GET from the money is what they care about.

In fact, you will probably be surprised by some of the things that motivate your salespeople.

If you haven’t already – you need to have a conversation with each salesperson on your team to uncover their intrinsic motivators.
• Begin by asking, “What do you want out of your sales career?”
• Follow-up with, “Why do you want insert their vision here?”
• Then ask, “What will that get you?” for their answer
• And again, “What would insert their answer get you?”
• Over and over again, continue to ask what they will get from that result, until there is NOTHING else.

Knowing each salesperson’s motivators will allow you to inspire the people on your team to motivate themselves.

For the full eBook go to http://www.scoremoresales.com/ebook-sales-leadership-tips-end-year-strong with my tip on page 14.

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