Are you focused?

2015-06-05 11.34.08Have you ever watched a cat on the prowl?

You don’t have to love (or even like) cats to know how still and focused they get right before they pounce.

Newman here was stalking the gecko on my niece’s back patio.

He got me thinking about how unfocused inside salespeople tend to be. More like the dog in the movie Up! “SQUIRREL” than a cat on the prowl.

Cats aren’t always focused, they nap a lot – eat – sleep – eat… then prowl a bit – eat – sleep… and do it all over again.

I call this BURST Focus. Where as inside salespeople we pick both a time frame and focus for all of our attention.

> 15 minutes to finish this email template
> 60 minutes of outbound calling to people I’ve never spoken to before
> 30 minutes of research

The beauty of BURST Focus is that we are more effective with focus on ONE activity and know that we will be giving ourselves a break shortly.

Schedule time in your day to be as focused as Newman was on catching that gecko.

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