Who is it important to?

dreamstime_xs_10106072I have some bad news.

JUST because something is important to you, doesn’t make it important to the inside salespeople on your team.

Need an example?

I overheard an inside sales manager lamenting to his team that if they didn’t perform to ______ (insert goal) he didn’t get his bonus.

The salespeople were polite enough to hold their eye rolling until after the meeting.

Guess what – none of them cared if he got paid or not.

I sat down with one of the people on the team and we talked about the target itself. What her personal goals were. THEN the magic – how did achieving the target help her achieve those goals.

All of the sudden she was excited.

Like magic she bought into putting in more effort.

Crazy thing – it’s your job as their leader to make it all about THEM and their inside sales success.

LEADERSHIP IS NEVER ABOUT YOU. Once you change your language, your tone, your approach… all of the sudden it is important.

Important to both you and your inside salespeople.

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