Is your sales career on fire?

2015-07-31 17.39.10Being on fire doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it.

Gather The Fuel; before you light your sales career on fire, you need to gather everything you need to burn. The three that are universal would be; sales skills, emotional intelligence, and hard work. The rest will be individual to you and perhaps based on what you’re selling.

Start With Kindling; to get your sales career fire going work on little wins. Most salespeople are excited by success (ok so probably all people). Use your small win excitement and build your fire.

Planning Matters; if you only have kindling you can’t have a big fire, if there isn’t enough wood the fire will burn out, if you put big logs on first the fire doesn’t catch, and if you don’t leave room for air to get in there is no way for combustion to happen. A lot of “ifs” that can all be removed if you take the time to plan and then act.

Light The Match; take action! If you don’t do the work that needs to be done you will never see any flames. You have to move from planning into doing for sales success.

Fan The Flame; once the flame catches you need to keep putting in effort to have a roaring sales career fire.

Keep Stoking It; don’t forget to add more fuel to your sales career fire. Learn new skills, keep up with what is going on in the market, and always be looking for your next “best customer.”

A roaring blaze is within your control!

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  1. Debbie Mrazek says:

    Good morning!! Love these thoughts they are spot on for all of us new at sales or experienced!!! Also, Anne Miller is surely giving you extra credit for such great metaphors!!! Happy Selling this week!!😀

    AlsoI noticed today you have been doing this since 2008….time flies! Congratulations!!

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