The Power of YOUR Story

There are sales themes and ideas that consistently run through my head. Today I have two of those wrapped together like an ice cream twist on a sugar cone.
1. the power of story
2. the power of YOU

What’s your story?
> Too often as salespeople, we know our company story… the product story… lots of customer stories – yet we can’t articulate our won story. The story of you as a salesperson.

Why it matters?
> Because the first thing your prospects buy into is YOU, your story matters. Articulating who you are as a salesperson makes you believable, relate-able, a person.

Do I make a difference?
> No this isn’t a hugely philosophical question about your place in the universe. It is time to look at the LITTLE picture, what difference are you making for the people you work with each day.

If you’re looking for a few tips on writing YOUR sales story… here are a few tips What’s YOUR sales story? (yup I told you this comes up in my head frequently).

Plus check out the 2 min 43 sec version of my story Why UpYourTeleSales LLC?

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