What are you looking forward to?

dreamstimefree_53565For a few weeks now some things have felt a bit like a grind. Hopefully that means I’ve got a lot of sharped pencils and not that I’m the shavings on the floor.

On those days (or in my case weeks) when you’re not sure if your sharp or a shaving it is critical to have things you’re looking forward to.

The pieces of your job you love so much you’d do them for free become even more critical to your leadership success.

They may not be simple – but you love the challenge.
They may not be easy – yet you feel satisfied when you’re done.

I’d guess that you already know what those things are!

Make sure you have time every single day to spend on the parts you love. The joy – challenge – satisfaction will minimize the grinding feeling.

If all else fails you can find something NOT work related to look forward to – or even better, choose a work thing and a personal thing.

Need an example? This week for me:
> work = I have a series of one-on-one conversations to understand, coach, and help a team of salespeople toward success.
> personal = tomorrow night I’ll be dancing barefoot to Tuba Skinny at Mace Chasm Farm

Have a wonderful week using the grind to sharpening your skills and doing the parts of the job you love!

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