Turning LinkedIn up to 11 for #InsideSales

dreamstime_m_2139601Yes I’m a huge Spinal Tap fan, even traveling to Chicago from upstate New York to see their Unwigged and Unplugged tour.

Many Inside Salespeople use LinkedIn for researching prospects and customers.

Don’t stop. Yet, that isn’t the only way to use LinkedIn as an Inside Sales tool.

Here are 11 questions to answer for turning your LinkedIn success up to 11!

1. read your profile from a prospects point of view not someone hiring you for a job – would YOU want to do business with yourself based on what you see?

2. activity matters – are you active posting content, sharing information, creating personal relationships?

3. are you check out what groups your existing customers are active on?

4. do you have valuable insight to share (and are you sharing it)?

5. do you connect with people who make sense for your business?

6. what value do your connections bring to each other?

7. does your LinkedIn presence present you as a valuable resource for your prospects’ & customers’ to be successful at what they do?

8. LinkedIn is “social media” – are you being personable and sociable?

9. connect & share on LinkedIn, don’t try to close – is your connection activity personal or a sales pitch?

10. consistency matters – do you show up on LinkedIn when convenient or regularly?

11. LinkedIn is only one tool in your Inside Sales Tool Box – are you using it when it makes the most sense?

ps: those are in no particular order of importance

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