Create a Virtual Handshake

dreamstimefree_186042There are pieces of a sales conversation that appear to be missing from inside sales.

Pieces that in outside sales make effective communication easier.

Take a handshake for instance. In person we use it when we meet someone and when we take our leave. Yet as insides salespeople you are physically there so what can you do?

How about creating a virtual handshake?

There you go again rolling your eyes – saying HOW the heck would you do that.

In your opening statement, add a verbal acknowledgement where a handshake would be in person.

“I’m so glad I caught you” or “I hope you’re having a great day” both work nicely.

Before you hang up, consider “It was nice meeting you today” or “I look forward to our next conversation” right before you go.

Create a virtual handshake for yourself to begin and end your inside sales conversations.

photo courtesy of © Atee83 | Dreamstime

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