Deciding not to decide

dreamstimefree_249928Over the weekend at 3:00 pm I realized I was still in my pajamas.

*POOF* like a magic wand it hit me.

Some days we truly decide, on others we don’t decide and things just happen.

I never actually said to myself – today I’m not going to take a shower or get dressed.

Instead I started working on one thing – then another – started the laundry – then I drank coffee on our back deck – picked up a few things – switch the wash over to the dryer – etc, then it was 3:00 pm and I was still in my pajamas.

Do you ever have sales days like that? NO not in your pajamas.

Days that just happen and *POOF* it’s 3:00 pm?

It might look like this; start the log in process – grab coffee – see someone you like & chat – finish logging in – check email – do a few things requested via email by prospects & customers – team meeting – respond to email and voicemail that came in during the team meeting – make a few follow up calls – go to lunch – respond to email and voicemail that came in while you were at lunch – then it is 3:00 pm.

I have a theory that as salespeople when we don’t set-up our day with purpose, we are actually deciding not to decide.

The day I described may be productive – or may not be. Instead of leaving it up to chance set an objective for the day. Decide what you want to accomplish – then you can make it happen!

photo by © Abdone | Dreamstime

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