Are your communication skills getting a bit rusty?

dreamstimefree_160189Here is something CRAZY – inside salespeople letting their communication skills get rusty.

Yet, habit wins out most of the time.
> Leaving that same old voicemail message, even after you’re bored with it.
> Using an opening statement that worked 5-years ago and wondering why no one wants to have a conversation.
> Multi-tasking instead of listening.

I could keep going on… and on… and on, but instead here are some tips you can follow if your communication skills are getting a bit rusty.

1. Write a new one… practice it… leave it for yourself and ask; would I call me back? Then work on it until the answer is YES.
2. Ask 5 customers you earned first orders from this year to share WHY they used you, then modify your opening statement accordingly.
3. Turn off all your distractors when making calls (email, IM, whatever it is that distracts you!)

You’re in control of your own communication skills, don’t let them get rusty!

image from © Alptraum | Dreamstime

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