Creating a “One More” Culture

Inside sales is a culture of “one more”

Make one more call, close one more appointment, talk with one more person.

dreamstimefree_70761For your team to be successful it is up to you to create that “one more” culture.

It can’t be done by telling the inside salesperson, like you are a parent making a child clean their room… because you told them to.

You can use the power of story telling.

Success Stories;
> of someone on the team dialing one more time before lunch and reaching someone who had a business opportunity for them.
> where the goal set for a day was number of conversations and pushing for one extra had an inside salesperson reaching that elusive executive.
> in which goals were made
> expectations exceeded

These stories have to be true. These stories have to hit the listeners emotions. These stories are powerful!

Start to collect your teams “one more” success stories. Then practice at being a masterful story teller.

You can begin to create a “one more” culture through the proof of success stories.

photo courtesy of © Jack Dagley | Dreamstime

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