Declaring War on “companies similar to yours”


I’m officially declaring war on the phrase “companies similar to yours.”

dreamstimefree_140632Every time a salesperson says that the light in a prospect’s eyes dies.

The prospect rolls their eyes.

They think: so it wasn’t worth researching my company to you was it.

They wonder: similar HOW?
> size > industry > challenges > something else

You sound like a BAD salesperson.

This is a war I believe we can win!

I’m not saying you don’t want to know AND share how you’ve helped companies similar to theirs.

Be specific instead of general!
> We’ve been able to help companies with 25 or more locations decrease their logistic headaches.
> I specialize in working with small medical practices overcome new HIPPA reporting requirements.
> If massive maintenance contracts are squashing your budget, we’ve found ways to reduce those costs without sacrificing critical areas of support.

Show you know something about the possible challenges they face.

Prove you understand a little about their world.

Open a conversation that is all about them AND makes you invaluable.

The battle you have to fight today is laziness and apathy, winning the war against “companies similar to yours” will take minutes of effort on your part.

Winning the war will result in more prospect conversations and that my friend is the first step to winning more sales.

photo courtesy of © Don Despain | Dreamstime

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