Holiday Week Leadership Tip = Reward Them!

You’ve heard it all before! Perhaps it sounds like “no one is even working because of the holiday” or “I can’t get anyone on the phone.”

Fireworks!The truth of the matter is that it is more that the people on your team WISH they were on holiday instead of working this week.

Perhaps you do as well.

Of course, I’ll share that OBVIOUSLY people are working…

Here are a few reward ideas that may help your team stay motivated:
1. Chocolate or fruit (for the health conscious) or tchotchke for every good conversation they have
2. Scratch off lottery tickets for every sale made this week
3. Leaving early for the holiday themselves if they achieve something spectacular

Potentially, it will be more difficult to get things done. Make it fun for the people on your team to keep trying!

I’ll end with; Happy Canada Day / joyeux Fête du Canada on Wednesday along with Happy Independence Day to the US on Saturday (with that extra Friday off).

Fireworks image courtesy of © Jason Smith | Dreamstime

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