What’s Bugging You?

dreamstimefree_140231As a manager there are little things that bug you about your team.

> Perhaps it is a behavior you have to hold them accountable for over & over & over again.
> Maybe there is a question they NEVER remember to ask.
> Possibly you even roll your eyes when they ask you something.

Scott Blanchard and Madeline Homan in their book Leverage Your Best Ditch The Rest introduced me to the idea of tolerations back in 2004.

Tolerations are those little things that when taken individually don’t seem like a big deal, that one bug flying around at your picnic. Yet they add up to a swarm that ruins the entire day.

Today make a list of all those things that are bugging you. Don’t judge yourself, don’t worry about fixing them – write them all down!

The funny thing is my coaching clients have found sometimes acknowledging you’ve been bugged might be all you need to let go of the emotions.

Other items on your list are more difficult.

1st pick one that with a little effort you can resolve this week. You have the skills, you have the know how, you merely haven’t taken care of it (perhaps there are bigger issues out there you’ve been tackling).

Give yourself a BOOST by getting rid of one of your tolerations.

Now with that success feeling, tackle one that is a bit more of a challenge.

The more tolerations you can eliminate, the less bugged you will be!

photo credit to © Milogu | Dreamstime

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