140 Characters Makes You Clear & Concise!

I’ve noticed something lately, with Twitter’s 140 character limit I’ve had to become concise to be clear with my prospecting message.

140CharactersVoicemail: could use the same treatment! Would your voicemail fit inside a tweet?

Hi ____, this is First Last ###-###-#### -YOUR 140 CHARACTER MESSAGE HERE- again its First Last with Company Name ###-###-####

Opening Statement: expand it to 140 characters + a question to start the conversation. Email: call to action replaces the question.

It isn’t about being tweetable (when did that become a word?), instead it is about using the constraints to eliminate FLUFF.

I’m not one to use a significant number of texting abbreviations to make the limit – preferring to reword, rework, & reconstruct my message.

Don’t get me wrong, I will replace; “and” with “&” or “+” plus will choose not to punctuate if it still can be read.

Mostly I’m eliminating the unnecessary (39 characters w/spaces) -BECOMES- Mostly I eliminate the unnecessary (34 characters w/spaces).

How does your messaging change when you self-impose a 140 character limit?

Did you even notice that each line of this post is tweetable or did you read it without even noticing?

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