but it USED to work…

One of the great things about collaborative projects is getting inspiration from other people.

In Crush Your First 90 Days – Advice from 15 Sales Leadership Experts Deborah Flate of Dialogue Consulting wrote a piece called For Better Results, Slow Down.

The quote that struck me is “What previously brought you that great success may not be the right answer now.”

Oh my God!It got me thinking, not about Sales Management… but about SALES!

How often do we, as salespeople, ignore the fact that what we did yesterday – last quarter – last year – in the past decade MIGHT… NOT… WORK… anymore.

Today, take a moment and review what results you’ve gotten from:
* the value proposition that used to open conversations
* your very first voicemail
* how you present your proposal/prices
* the follow up conversations you have to new customers

Is what you’ve always done working OR is it time to do something new?

photo courtesy of © Olga Vasilkova | Dreamstime

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