The difference between good and great inside salespeople

2014-10-20 07.09.02A friend of mine said “you know the difference between me and a great photographer? It’s not the technical part, it’s the ability to SEE a great shot.”

I’ve been thinking about that in the context of Inside Sales.

What is the difference between a good inside salesperson and a great one?

I’ve decided it is being a masterful LISTENER.

Where a great photographer has to SEE a great shot, a great inside salesperson has to HEAR opportunity.

Here are my three top listening tips to get you started on your way to mastery;
1. Listen without judgement or expectation. Mastery is when you are there and listening vs. listening “for” something.
2. STOP trying to multitask. It doesn’t work, plus you can’t listen AND do something else at the same time.
3. Minimize distractions. Inside sales environments can get a bit crazy, loud, and boisterous. You might need a double headset or to make sure your monitor faces away from other people.

Listening takes practice, energy, and effort. Listening mastery will also make you a lot of money.

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