A “to do” list isn’t the same as a Priority List

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There is an important distinction between a priority list and a “to do” list.

Priority according to Mirriam-Webster is “something that is more important than other things and that needs to be done or dealt with first.”

Instead a “to do” list are things that need activity, without regard to their importance.

Both will help you be successful, but the majority of people don’t differentiate. They believe if it needs to be done, it is on the list, and therefore it must be a priority.

Another important piece to remember is, something might be a priority on one day but not the next.

Right now, look at your “to do” list and decide what needs to be dealt with first. When it is done, make the same evaluation then move on to the next priority.

What a crazy thing; now you have prioritized your “to do” list.

NEXT; when ever something comes up that will make you stop what you’re doing – before you accept doing that THING, ask yourself it is more or less important than what you were working on.

Judge priority before taking action on anything!

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