Have you defined ideal Inside Salesperson Traits?

Recently I was working with a VP of Sales and Recruiter from HR on hiring as a component of decreasing ramp time for their organization’s inside salespeople.

I came up with my personal 7 ideal Inside Salesperson Traits list:

dreamstimefree_53799• Optimism – this isn’t being outwardly peppy, but rather a belief that everything will work out for the best. Seeing something good in most (if not all) situations.

• Persistence / Tenacity – not giving up early in the process, it takes 9-12 contacts before someone remembers you enough to have a conversation. Everything up to that point is gaining access – selling actually starts when they remember you.

• Drive – there has to be a level of work ethic to do what needs to be done.

• Phone Voice & Personality – the person has to sound good. They have to be someone that prospects and customers WANT to talk with.

• Listen – the way to find opportunities is to listen to answers, stories, what isn’t being said, along with tone/inflection/etc.

• Learn / Coachable – a willingness to try new ways of doing things AND let go of what isn’t working.

• Business Understanding – someone who understands how businesses work and decisions are made.

Much like in sales, when recruiting if you haven’t defined what you want your ideal candidate to look like how will you:
1. ask questions to uncover those traits
2. look for them in the right places
3. know when you’ve found them

Have you defined ideal Inside Salesperson Traits for your organization?

image courtesy of © Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime

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