Can prospects see themselves in your story?

Sales is a true combination of art and science. A critical piece of the art of sales is being a good story teller.


Unless you can get prospects to see themselves in your story, they will never buy from you.

Yes I said it, if the prospect can’t become the main character in the customer story you tell, they will never become a customer.

Today take a look at three stories and then work on making them better – more relate-able – a story your prospects can see themselves in.
1. your story – why are you in sales, in your role, at your company (only shared when asked for BY the prospect).
2. your best customer’s story – the easy to relate to reason people buy from you.
3. your objection story – the story that takes you from acknowledge to your question when handling your most often heard objection.

Need more on story telling for sales success? Check out this post for more & a video

I’d also highly recommend Anne Miller’s expanded edition of Metaphorically Selling, The Tall Lady With the Iceberg: The Power of Metaphor to Sell, Persuade & Explain Anything to Anyone as a resource for better story telling.

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